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52nd Week of Slovenian Drama

Infiltrating the Scene

Round table

About the event

A round table on young playwriting 

At the round table, we will be talking with young authors who can be considered young playwrights. When we count all those who write drama, we get many names. But how many of them primarily write – and how many do it professionally (that is, how many are paid for their work)? Who and what are we talking about when we talk about young playwriting? What does drama mean in postdramatic theatre? How are young playwrights co-creating the field of performing arts? Why do they submit works to competitions, and what do such competitions mean for the scene’s development? How has the institutionalised teaching of playwriting and screenwriting at UL AGRFT affected it? What about international breakthroughs? Who translates young drama? The playwrights themselves? Does it even make sense to be exclusively a playwright, or would that mean fitting into theatre’s outmoded structure and hierarchies? 

A discussion about possible solutions will follow the guests’ presentations.

The event is organised by the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia (DGKTS)

Moderator: Nika Švab

Guests: Varja Hrvatin, Iza Strehar, Žiga Divjak, Jaka Smerkolj Simoneti in Nina Kuclar Stiković.


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Infiltrating the Scene