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52nd Week of Slovenian Drama

Reading performances of 10-minute dramas by UL AGRFT students

Reading performances

About the event

In the winter semester of the 2021/22 academic year, the first-year UL AGRFT students of dramaturgy and performing arts and theatre directing created original 10-minute plays under the mentorship of professor Žanina Mirčevska. Four of them will be presented at the festival.


Luna Pentek: In the Shadow

"In the end, you always stay alone. I’m alone. I don’t feel my hands, my arms anymore. I don’t feel my legs anymore. And this is no longer my body. It’s become so heavy. All I can feel is the rhythm of my heart. I can feel it in my chest. But I no longer hear it." 

Director: Jure Srdinšek

Dramaturg: Ula Talija Pollak

Cast: Staša Popović, Ajda Pirtovšek, Jakob Šfiligoj


Marko Rengeo: The Earth is Weeping

"It’s 2072 – twenty-one years after tap water has become undrinkable, and you can only buy it, and one year after people started killing each other for water and food."

Director: Marko Rengeo

Dramaturg: Brina Jenček

Cast: Alja Krhin, Maja Kunaver, Rok Ličen, Kaja Petrovič, Luka Seražin


Flores Oven: Do I have a bun in the oven?

"This is revolutionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Director: Lucija Trobec

Dramaturg: Luna Pentek

Cast: Kaja Petrovič, Alja Krhin, Luka Seražin, Rok Ličen, Maja Kunaver


Lucija Trobec: The Door

"And the husband and the wife made love to each other, and the seed sprouted in the body of the wife. And the seed lives and develops in the ocean of the womb until the day comes for it to burst through the wife’s body and expands its lungs."

Director: Maruša Sirc

Dramaturg: Laetitia Rebecca Pohl

Cast: Ajda Kostevc, Maja Kunaver, Ajda Pirtovšek, Staša Popović, Lucija Ostan Vejrup