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52nd Week of Slovenian Drama

The Future of Support for Slovenian Drama

Expert meeting

About the event

In the recent years, we have been organising playwriting workshops as a part of the Week of Slovenian Drama. In them, many new texts have been written, lots of new playwriting voices have been formed, and numerous, especially young, playwrights have gotten an opportunity to present their work.

This year, we are asking what these playwrights need. What happens to the texts they write, how and to what extent do they reach the audiences for whom they were written? We will not only ask if they are staged but also how they are staged. This expert meeting will enable dialogue between Slovenian directors from different generations and the authors of contemporary Slovenian drama. Using the examples of good practices of playwriting–directing pairs and a specifically tailored workshop, we will try to build stronger bridges between the two professions and open more doors to the rich creative opportunities that the baptismal production of every new text creates.

The expert meeting is intended for invited experts, but its proceedings will be available to the general public.

The event is organised by the Playwrights’ Unit of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists (SADA) and the Theatre Directors’ Association.

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The Future of Support for Slovenian Drama
The Future of Support for Slovenian Drama